Thursday, August 7, 2008

PocketPC Threaded Messaging (SMS) for everyone!

Microsoft added threaded messaging in WM6.1 but there is no way to use threaded messaging on earlier versions of windows mobile like wm5 and wm6.

But things have changed now!

SmileySMS can bring threaded messaging to wm5,wm6 devices and also to wm6.1 devices with support for smileys!

Here is the nice and sexy screenshot of newer versions of SmileySMS.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information...

Anonymous said...

Hi Roozbeh,

I love your program but unfortunately when I enable threading, although the thread appears when I open a message in my inbox (cool!) I get an error msg when I try to reply: "Your Text Message Cannot be Sent".

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

PS (that's me above!) I'm using WM6


Anonymous said...

Works GREAT for me ! Thanks for the excellent program, and also very informative blog

Anonymous said...

Dear Roozbeh

I'm a great fan of your SmileySMS, which I discover over at xda-developers.

You have been pretty quiet over there, and after googling around, I discover your blog. Just curious whether you will continue in improving SmileySMS? Hope the answer is a 'yes'. :)


SMS Marketing said...


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