Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well,i know it might be old.The program i mean.
But becouse i lost my site,maybe putting it againg here in my blog will help peaple using google search to find a software that translate/convert fingilish/pingilish/pengilish words or sentences into very good and readable persian/farsi.

You can find always find out more with some googling.
I bet you wont find anything better than this software,besides it is only 500kb.Worth downloading.

Here is my En2Fa program.


Anonymous said...

love this programme; thank you very much for this.
wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

agha roozbeh man az in barnameh kheili estefadeh mikardam ama moteasefane ba yek "virus" hame chi az computeram pak shod manjomle En2Fa ke hala har chi donbalesh migardam peidash nemikonam ke "Download"esh konam.lotfan mano rahnamaee konid badjoori behesh adat karde boodam