Saturday, August 18, 2007

my En2FaMail program.

This is my En2Fa program for Pocket PC Phones.
You can grab it from here.

I think it is mostly for use of people living in Iran,But other Persian talking people can also benefit from this program.

As my main program,En2Fa this program Converts fingilish/pingilish typing into readable Persian language.
Pingilish or fingilish is kind of language,simply invented because of problems with no available Persian fonts or Persian keyboard.
You can find the definition from wikipedia like this (well actually i created that page :) ):

"Fingilish (Farsi + English) (also Penglish or Pinglish, Finglish, Pingilish and Fārgilisi) is a term used to describe the way Persian words are written in Latin alphabet. This type of writing is commonly used in online chat, emails and SMS."

So this program simply do the hard job of translating fingilish into persian.

But what is En2FaMail?

It translates your SMSs into Persian.And the interesting -and for me real hard-part is you really do not need to install any special font,or Arabic/Persian language program to being able to read Persian.
En2FaMail takes care of everything.
Also you can set special sounds in formats like .mp3,.ogg or .mod to your incoming SMSs.

Also side notes are that,this program can be easily disabled from control panel(settings) of your device.
And does not change your SMSs in inbox,simply displays them in Persian.
So feel free to use it and also recommend it to others.

Some features of this program :

- Changing your fingilish/pinglish SMSs into Persian/Farsi language.
- All settings can be changed from control panel(Pocket PC settings)
- No need for Persian/Arabic Making softwares,like Arabizer.
- You can view Persian incoming SMSs in systems without Persian font and Arabic/Persian making software.
- All original SMS features like,Save as read,reply,call sender is implemented.
- All SMS text is viewed in notification,for bigger SMSs scroll bars will appear so you can scroll and real your SMS
- Delivery reports are fixed.So there will be no more numbers in your delivery reports,but Contact names will be replaced.
- Persian Delivery report texts also exist.
- You can assign notification sounds in formats of .mp3,.mod,.mid,.ogg,.wav to your incoming SMSs
- And many more....

But hey this is a programming weblog,So
I will be starting my MAPI and some other lessons soon.All regarding this software.
Actually i find many interesting things to say.
Hope in this week or next week i can post something about Inbox Mail Rules and...


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