Monday, August 20, 2007

Y!En2FaMsngr Program or (Yahoo Messenger + En2Fa) or How not use fingilish in Yahoo Messenger program

Sometimes i wonder,when all this En2Fa*s will end.
I guess NEVER.

Anyway,this is again my En2Fa program for your Yahoo Messenger.
This program convert/translate all your incoming messages(which are mostly in fingilish - pinglish) into Persian.
Very easy to use.
Also no problem if your messages are too in Persian,program simple ignores them and displays them OK.

You can grab the program from here.

From programming side of things,I simply injected a dll into Yahoo Messenger,and also some html injection to,and not to forget that I've had to create an Activex module too.
It really took sometime from me,but worth it.

Hope i can discuss it with you soon.

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